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Q1:what’s the remote3c platform system? What functions and features it has?
A:Remote3C, a remote control system,3C namely Computer, Communication, Consumer electronic, with which and through LAN or Internet, visitors can share desktop and realize online collaboration plus resources sharing,such as photos, and media, by simulating remote keyboard, mouse or IR to remote control (such as mobile control TV, mobile computer control, computer remote controlcomputer, etc.), so as to integrate and to promote the service among three resouces (3C).
Q2: What platforms are currently supported? What platforms are supported in plan?
A:Currently supported platforms ,including.
PC windows family (windows2000, winxp, vista, windows7).
TV Android Universal Television, Custom non-Android TV for Specific manufacturers.
Plans to support the platform, including.
PC windows family (windows2000, winxp, vista, windows7).
Iphone/ipod touch,IPAD, on-line is expected early October.
Q3:I want to control home computer using a mobile phone and TV set, how to connect and setup?
A: Downloaded the software for windows , Android and TV from the website , the corresponding device installed in the computer / TV and mobile phones to be connected to the same Wifi router, select DHCP to automatically assign an address, to the first connecting device for mobile , select Search , you can choose to connect the devices from list of devices which searched. See detailed user manual.
Q4:Whether to support more than one mobile phone to control a TV or computer?
A:Yes, the controlled-side support for multiple users to connect.


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