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Remote Control
Once install Remote3C on mobile phones, you can remote control computer and TV set, a substitution for wireless mouse and remote controller.
Remote access/Telecommuting
Through remote desktop module in Remote3c, 24 hours remote access all your computers and servers. Wherever you are, you can visit the unattended computer and server through Remote3C.
During business or technical discussion, a picture shared by Remote3C would explain itself in online cooperation or product demonstrations. Remote3C make you can share your computer desktop through the Internet even if there is a firewall it is the ideal solution online collaboration.
Embedded browser
TV Browser is mainly based on webkit engine, conforming with the w3c standards, adopting prevailing technology, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, supporting Netscape standard, Plug in standard, fitting TV sets UI style and catering for TV users’ operating habbit. This Browser is able to browse any web site, to support Chinese input, to meet TV/ STB /PAD user’s requirements while surf the Internet, stock login, video on demand, offering porting interface for various kinds of platforms (including the ARM, the MIPS, X86, etc.) 2) Application Scene: Linux embedded system, such as TV, STB and PAD B, Products Experiences journey -> home page, characteristics, screenshots
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